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Serve & Return

***70% of points end in 4 shots or less, and yet most players have a weak serve, return, or both! We're offering a class specially designed to help you to start points stronger and 
smarter, so you can win more matches.***

This class will teach you:

High tennis IQ serves/returns to hit in specific score situations (e.g.- 30-40, 40-15)

Serves that are likely to force an error or give you your favorite shot

Return strategies to pressure your opponents without taking any unnecessary risk

doubles serve location figure.jpg

Creating a simple game plan for each point, instead of just "winging it"

  • Wednesdays 7:30-8:30pm

  • 6 classes

  • Starts 7/26

  • Lucy Beckham HS Tennis Facility

  • $150 total 

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