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*Disclaimer - We bribed them with incredible instruction.


"Momentum Drill is a game-changer! I'm now a more explosive player and my game is very powerful. This drill is unlike any I've taken before. You get a full workout and when the drill is over, you can't believe it...nor do you want it to end!"

Moe H.

Rere and Reed.jpg

"We love how technical he is during lessons. Too many coaches just hit for an hour...but Ryan ensures Rebecca understands what he is teaching and makes her document and review her lessons."

Rebecca + Reed S.


"Coach Doug has a gift of breaking down and simplifying the movements so it's easy to comprehend and replicate. Because of his coaching, I am able to approach the ball on the rise, be prepared earlier with my forehands and backhands, and build up my serves. Highly recommend Coach Doug!!"

Nupoor P.

Drew and Cheri.jpg

Drew: "Coach Ryan helped me make my forehand swing compact and get more power on my serve."

Cheri: "Ryan is very approachable--Drew really responded to his energy and positivity as a coach."

Drew + Cheri R.

Zoe testimonial_edited.jpg

"I love first-strike tennis...being the first one to attack and take control of the point. Coach Ryan has shown me how better court position really opens up my options as an offensive player."

Zoe C., 2018 SCISA Girls State Champ

Matt O_edited_edited.jpg

"The higher the level of play, the more tactics and decision-making decide the winner. Coach Ryan helped me understand my strengths and weaknesses and tailor my game. Knowing what decision to make, when to make it, and why...that's valuable information."

Matt O., 2018 SCHSL Boys State Champ

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